Building Sites

The main site office is located in the underground parking garage. As the school year was closing, temporary classrooms for 20116/2017 were being built under the Coliseum. Our reception area for 1320 Yonge St. will also be housed within this space, with guests entering the school from Farnham St.

Work in the Parking Garage

The Parking Garage at 1320 Yonge Street has been filled with furnishings from the school as well as accommodating the Site Office and a Mechanical Room. Amongst the chairs and tables, there are tools, vehicles and mysterious-looking plumbing and electrical fittings.

Foundation Set for Gladiator Fitness

For 2016-2017,  the space below the Coliseum will be used for temporary classrooms to accommodate students from the 1st and 2nd floors while the space is being extensively renovated on those floors.

Once our students are back in the building, the space beneath the Coliseum will be fitted with athletic training equipment.

Construction Kick-Off 2016

Construction began during the March Break this year. The first step in Phase I of construction was literally laying the groundwork for student health and wellness. 

Above our parking garage is the Coliseum, a double gym and running track. The Fast Forward building project will transform the parking lot into a 4,000 square-foot athletic training and conditioning facility.